Shot the 100k Hallum speedskating marathon again this year for the Clafis A-ware Fonterra speedskating team. We did not manage to get the victory but got a nice podiumspot and some great pictures!

Ingmar Berga pulling the leading group

Used remotes again to get some different angles during the race and on the finish line. Below winner Bart Swings shot with the 400mm f/2.8 and the 16mm Fisheye simultaneously. Triggered using Pocketwizards Plus III's.

Remoted Nikon D750 with Nikon AF-s 16mm Fisheye lens on superclamp

Remote D750 with AF-S 24-70mm on DIY groundplate

Remotes only go wrong when you do not have a high enough place to put your camera and other people can get in the line of your shot...

Blocking the view

Pole photography

Got my hands on a second hand Fanotec pole. This carbon fibre pole with a maximum extended length of 6 meter offers the ability to get aerial pictures where drones are not allowed. Tested the pole for the first time this weekend but did not extend it to the full length due to the strong winds. Still managed to get a few decent shots from the icerink.

Will use it the comming few weeks during indoor events.

Pole photography

More remotes

Experimenting some more with remotes during the ice speedskating season. Reach off the Pocketwizrads PlusIII's is incredible long with no misfires when mounted on a metal bridge over the ice, under a metal roof, over 100 meters away. Impressive!

Nikon D3 + AF-S 70-200mm VRII on Manfrotto Superclamp

Finish from the front

Finish from the back

Ice season started

The new Ice speedskating just started under a summerly 24 degrees Celcius. A new season of ice skating pictures with again a few nice teams to shoot for. 

Some nice ideas for the coming races but I started with just some ordinary remote cameras on interesting places. Therefor I was abled to shoot two angles at the exact same time resulting in some nice pictures. 

Jaap Eden Icetrack

I was lucky the national television broadcasted the first race so a big metal scaffold was placed just after the finish. No better place to put a remote camera! Finish for second place from two different angles shows the power of remote cameras.


Shot the Open Dutch Speedskating championships for the Clafis A-ware Fonterra speedskating team. Used the new remote camera set-up for the first time and got some interesting results. 


Remote camera on finish line