Shoot the photoshoot

When the original photographer was late, the called me in to shoot the band Duncan Idaho. Thankfully the other photographer arrived not much later which kind off made me workless. To make the time worthwhile, I shot the shoot, and some more. 

Shoot the shoot




The band

The other photographer

In the end went a bit crazy with photoshop. Fun day!


MTB track Bergschenhoek

Not to easy. Action photography using a tilt shift and remote flash. Luckily we got 'tripods' and bubble levels to get everything straight to start with. Used the Pocketwizard Mini TT1 and Flex TT5 to fire the remote flash on the bikers. 

Using the PC-e 24mm tilt shift lens I maneged to tilt the focal plane in such a way that the bikers in the background and the track in the foreground are both in focus. Due to this change in focalplane direction, the sharpness of the image falls of to the sides.

Between the logs


Through the woods

Under the trees


For the last image I stitched three horizontal images to a vertical panorama. I used the shift function of the tilt shift lens to get the three images without perspective problems. Using this method I turned the Nikon D3s into a 22MP camera.

Tilt shift panorama

John Mayer

Nice concert by John Mayer in the Ziggodome in Amsterdam. Great lighting so got my shots quickly what gave me plenty of time to try out the tilt shift again. Still working on it but got some interesting results.

John Mayer

Which gives a total different look and feeling than a normal podium shot.

John Mayer

See a selection of my other pictures below

Indian Summer Festival

Indian festival is a two day music festival with a few big names such as: Underworld, Crystal Fighters, Chef'Special, Lily Allen, Di-rect, Kensington, Birdy, Tom Odell, etc. Always nice to have great artists, good weather and beautifull people pcked in one weekend.

Took the good old PC-e 24mm Tilt shift for the first time to a music festival. Got some interesting pictures from it, although the miniature look might not be for everyone. Still have to sort the rest of the pictures, since I also took some without the miniaturizing effect.

Crystal Fighters




De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig

Some more pictures using normal lenses: