Interview Pat Monahan

Before their show in the Heinkene Music Hall shot some pictures for an interview with leadsinger Pat Monahan. Awesome guy to talk with and shoot some pictures of.

Pat Monahan

Lucas Hamming - Heinken Music Hall

Preshow for Train Lucas Hamming proved to be one of the upcomming stars from the Netherlands and delivered a perfect warm up for the Train-crowd.

Lucas Hamming

Pole photography

Got my hands on a second hand Fanotec pole. This carbon fibre pole with a maximum extended length of 6 meter offers the ability to get aerial pictures where drones are not allowed. Tested the pole for the first time this weekend but did not extend it to the full length due to the strong winds. Still managed to get a few decent shots from the icerink.

Will use it the comming few weeks during indoor events.

Pole photography


Always nice to travel through beautiful countries like Iceland. But when there is a volcanic eruption at the same moment you are in the country, the chase begins...

On the first day we managed to get some framefilling shots using a 300mm lens (on FX). There is no way to get any closer than that without taking an expensive airplane flight.

Bárðarbunga eruption

We even managed to get some northern lights in the same picture.

Bárðarbunga and northern light

But on the second day we climbed the Snaeffellskali mountain (in extreme wind and cold) and had the 'honour'  to watch the volcano under the most beautiful northern light I have ever seen. Epic!

Bárðarbunga and northern light from Snaeffellskali