Salkantay nights

Because the Inca trail was fully booked we hiked the four day Salkantay trail to Machu Picchu. With almost no other tourists on the way and the most epic scenery ever, this might be on of the best alternatives for the real, but crowded, Inca trail.

We had to 'survive' the coldest night of our trip in a tent, thankfully the view made it al up!

Torchlit tents on the foot of Salkantay mountain

Vive le Peru

Three weeks no updates. Must be holiday time. And it was! Had a great time in the beautifull Peru and took a lot of pictures. For light travelling I, once again, only took my Fuji x100s with a wcl-x100 wide angle converter, and a gorillapod. Pictures will follow soon!

Machu Picchu