The Bedel

While photographing a Ph.D. defence, during the examination no photographs could be taken due to university regulations. The Bedel did have some time for his portrait while holding his antique silver pcketwatch to keep track of time.

In universities in the Netherlands the pedel acts as a master of ceremonies. As of 2005 the office is an entirely ceremonial one, the Pedel leading public processions and acting as the master of ceremonies at graduations and Ph.D. examinations. As a master of ceremonies, the Pedel is largely mute. The only words that a Pedel utters in public are "Hora Est", announcing that the allotted time for a Ph.D. examination has expired. (source: wikipedia)

The bedel and his pocketwatch

Precisely 45 minutes, according to his pocketwatch, after the Ph.D. examination is started, the Bedel will interupt the examniation with the words; "Hora Est". 

Seconds before "Hora Est"