Jan Maarten Heideman

Jan Maarten Heideman is the male skater with the most victories of all time. Currently racing in his last season I shot this portrait for an article in AD newspaper.

Jan Maarten Heideman

The making of (pic: Ralph Blijlevens)


It is always the battle between the different natural ice rinks who can organise the first marathon on natural ice. This year it was Haaksbergen that won this race by being the first track to offer 3cm of pitch black ice combined with a good weather forecast for the evening. The woman started in the snow but finished under good conditions.

Women in the snow

Elma de Vries

The man started and finished in good conditions and delivered the big crowd a great race. It was Gary Hekman that won the sprint of the leading group!


Gary Hekman

KOGA Speedskating press-presentation

Team and portrait pictures for the KOGA marathon speedskating team taking before the official press presentation.

Koga Speedskating team 2015-2016

Nice day and presentation with a lot of interested spectators. Also nice to see your pictures used on the big screen during the interviews and presentation.

Press presentation

More remotes

Experimenting some more with remotes during the ice speedskating season. Reach off the Pocketwizrads PlusIII's is incredible long with no misfires when mounted on a metal bridge over the ice, under a metal roof, over 100 meters away. Impressive!

Nikon D3 + AF-S 70-200mm VRII on Manfrotto Superclamp

Finish from the front

Finish from the back

Ice season started

The new Ice speedskating just started under a summerly 24 degrees Celcius. A new season of ice skating pictures with again a few nice teams to shoot for. 

Some nice ideas for the coming races but I started with just some ordinary remote cameras on interesting places. Therefor I was abled to shoot two angles at the exact same time resulting in some nice pictures. 

Jaap Eden Icetrack

I was lucky the national television broadcasted the first race so a big metal scaffold was placed just after the finish. No better place to put a remote camera! Finish for second place from two different angles shows the power of remote cameras.